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Make It Happen in 2017

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” —Michael Jordan



Another new year, another new year’s resolution with no real SOLUTION. Could that be you?


How about making this the year of “seeing it” and “believing it!” See it in your mind, believe it in your heart, and take the leap of faith to Make It Happen!


According to bible, the number 17 represents complete victory and the overcoming of enemies. It is the sum of God’s two perfect numbers, 10 and 7.


This is your year to overcome the enemies of self-doubt, fear, and multiple limitations. Make 2017 your year to have complete victory in your life, your business, your home, your finances, your health, and your relationships.


In the following is a list of steps of how you CAN Make It Happen this year:


  1. Make a decision on the inside that you WILL make it happen on the outside, regardless of any challenges that you may face.


  2. Don’t just make a list of goals, but make that list according to what you know is achievable. Pair your list with action steps to go along with those goals.


  1. Forget about making worthless resolutions but make life changing SOLUTIONS.


  1.  Accept the fact that the God has made you more than a conqueror so with that….GO AND CONQUER!

    We don’t know what lies in the days ahead but there is one thing that we do know. Regardless of what this year may bring, we must continue to press toward the mark for the prize.


    Cheryl Lynn Smith

    Women’s Life & Business Coach

    IMpowerment & INcrease INnovator

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