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Suck it up, Step it up, & Soar!

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Often times success may elude you over and over again. When it does, remember this formula: “If at first you don’t succeed… Suck it up, Step it up, and Soar.

Suck it up means to square your shoulders, put on your big girl panties and stand strong. Don’t allow your emotions and self pity to control your life. It means to push through the pain in spite of hardship or how it feels. Refuse the victim mentality and be the VICTOR!

Step it up means to take bigger strides and to be better than you were before. I know it’s easier said than done but when you change your mind then your actions will change. Think BIG and BIG actions will follow. You ask “How do I change my thinking?” You change it with your focus. Change your current limited focus to the unlimited focus of what you desire. If you want a better body then make healthy eating and exercise your focus. If you desire more money, focus on increase and multiple sources of income.


Now it’s time to S-O-A-R!    Sail/Succeed-Over-All-Resistance.

Here are a few keys to help you along the way:

  1. Just accept the fact that with each attempt to succeed, resistance may come so don’t be surprised when it shows up.

  2. Be on guard and ready for anything.

  3. Stay committed to your current course of action.

  4. Encourage yourself. Don’t look for others to pat you on the back.

  5. If you see it, you can have it. Remember….You CAN DO IT!

I repeat!  If at first you don’t succeed…remember this formula:  “Suck it Up,

Step it up, & S-O-A-R!”


Cheryl Lynn Smith

Women’s Business Coach

IMpowerment & INcrease INnovator

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