What Kind of 2019  Women Will You Be?

What Kind of 2019 Women Will You Be?

What Kind of 2019 Woman Will You Be?


I’m not talking about another new year’s resolution. I’m talking about a new adventure, a new way of living, a new you! I’m talking about being better for yourself and for your family.


What do you want to see happen this year? What is your heart’s desire? Who do you want to become? You choose. It’s all up to you.


Fill in the blank.  In 2019 I will be… __________________________________________


A woman of PURPOSE, who will fulfill the hope of her calling, starting here, starting now….


A woman of CHANGE, that turns over a new leaf to be bigger and better…. [Out with the old, in with the new!]


A woman of POWER, filling herself with the word of God so she can be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might….


A woman of COURAGE, who walks in boldness and confidence knowing that God has not given her the spirit of fear….


A woman of INDEPENDENCE, that is no longer depending on others for a handout but is putting her sole trust in God….


A woman of WISDOM, who casts all of her cares on the Lord and leans not to her own understanding….


A woman of BUSINESS, taking a step of faith to mind her own business, start a business, and diligently handle her business….


A woman of PRAYER, who will acknowledge God in all of her ways and seek him for clear direction….


A woman of WARFARE, who will pull down strongholds by decreeing and declaring the way it shall be in her life. Making the decision that you will take no more of the devil’s mess….


A woman of PEACE, releasing all bitterness and unforgiveness  toward anyone in your past, present, or future….


Get ready for new blessings, new challenges, and a new you! Whatever kind of woman you choose to be this year, know that you are capable and well able to make it happen.


Cheryl Lynn Smith

Women’s Life, Business, & Action Coach

IMpowerment & INcrease INnovator

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New Year’s Steps To Reinvent Yourself

New Year’s Steps To Reinvent Yourself


New Year’s Steps To Reinvent Yourself

woman with thought bubble on chalk board

Unhappiness is an internal signal that indicates you need to make a change. It could be a career change, health change, relationship change, or change in location. Realize that it’s never too late and you’re never too old. Nike said it best “Just Do It!”


Change can be fearful but don’t allow it to paralyze you. Use that same fear to propel yourself into your future. How many people have left this life never doing what they desired to do? Don’t let that be you. Now is the time to reinvent yourself.


In the following are several steps to make a New You in the New Year:


  • Discover your real self. Who are you? What are you passionate about? What are your dreams & visions about? What would make you fulfilled?

  • Set quality time aside to work on your dream. Most people DON’T have time to do this but you have to MAKE time!

  • Go for the goal!  Make sure that your goal is realistic, specific, and measureable.

  • Stay focused. Abort procrastination & distractions.

  • Surround yourself with like minded people. Their positive energy will inspire you.

  • Journal the steps that you have taken toward your dream and record each accomplishment, no matter how small it may be.

  • Do YOU! Stop making time for everyone else’s dreams.


Major changes are not always easy but as you take the steps toward your happiness, you will find that it was all worth while.


Cheryl Lynn Smith

IMpowerment & INcrease INnovator

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