Cheryl has been instrumental in awakening me through inspiration and motivation.  Her keen insight into manifesting money is impeccable through her book “50 Affirmations For The Successful Business Woman.”  It is my natural tendency to minimize risks, but Cheryl challenged me to exercise my faith muscles to see the manifestation of my dreams.  She also helped me discover the critical steps that I needed to take to get my business rolling.  

Tehara Bryant, D.D., CPC

CEO & Founder of BIG Vision Enterprises, LLC       

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Even though I’ve had some obstacles in my life, I still desired to be a business owner.  I prayed and asked God to guide me in the right direction.  He said “Trust me” and led me to Cheryl Smith.  With her encouragement and motivation, I was given the tools that I needed to get started.  I am now the proud owner of “Helping Hands Caregiver Services.”  Thanks to the Womens’ Impowerment Network, I now have the confidence to keep moving forward and be prosperous in my business. 

Anita B. Mabry

Helping Hands Caregiver Services–Owner

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