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Will you continue the same old, same old, or will you step out and make a change? Will you get out of average? Will you put off complacency?  Will 2016 be just another year for you or will you make it YOUR YEAR? Will you do something different?  Something exciting?  Something BIG?  Something new?

My definition of a BOLD MOVE is:

  1. To step out on nothing and make it become something.

  2. Refusing to accept things that are, just the way that they are.

  3. Listening to your hunches and acting on them.

  4. Limiting your procrastination and minimizing your hesitation.

  5. Stepping out of your comfort zone

  6. Moving forward regardless of appearances and excuses

  7. Fearlessly, taking not enough and working with it until it becomes more than enough.


Many roads are paved with good intentions but are never finished because they lack action. In the following are the steps to help you make your BOLD MOVE in the days ahead:

  1. Make up your mind that this year will be different

  2. Write down your detailed vision for 2016

  3. Study the vision, again, and again to increase your confidence

  4. Make a clear, concise, step-by-step plan to accomplish the vision

  5. Act on the plan

  6. When discouragement comes, KEEP acting on the plan

  7. When fear comes, KEEP acting on the plan

The time is NOW! Be BOLD! Be STRONG! Make your vision a reality so that you can live your best life!


Cheryl Lynn Smith

IMpowerment & INcrease INnovator

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