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Do you need a miracle? Faith can exist without expectation, but expectation CANNOT exist without faith.

It’s time to expect great things!

“The Power of Expectancy” Bible Study Guide

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About Me

Cheryl Lynn Smith is an author, motivator, minister, and Increase Innovator.  She has been mentoring and encouraging women for over 20 years through conferences, seminars, and workshops.  She has taught many how to walk by faith through her television and radio show “Winning With the Word.” She is passionate about helping women to Increase in every area of their life: spiritually, financially, and physically.

Cheryl is the founder and director of the Women’s Impowerment Network (WIN) and Interdenominational Women’s Ministries in Southern California. She teaches women to affirm themselves in spite of their circumstances and to realize that their power comes from With IN!  She believes that with the right mix of faith and action, you can Increase and meet your full potential. 


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Online Resources

According to Your Faith Biblical Healing

No longer do you have to keep looking for what God has already completed for your life. Be empowered with step-by-step biblical strategies to receive your healing from God.

Get Your Breakthrough with Biblical Fasting

Strengthen your prayers and get answers that you need from God with the power of Biblical Fasting. This guide is simplistic with step-by-step keys for your success. It includes a 21-day devotional and real-life testimonies from other women.

Girl, Go & Get Your Blessing

Are you waiting on God or is God waiting on you. Your time is NOW! Learn how to receive what already belongs to you and how to be the powerful woman that God ordained for you to be.

We want to join our faith with yours. Please tell us how we can pray for you.

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