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No longer do you have to keep looking for what God has already done. Be empowered with step-by-step Biblical strategies to manifest your healing from God. You will easily learn how to receive and easily be able to instruct others.  $14

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Are you waiting for God, or is God waiting for you? In this book you will learn how to receive what already belongs to you, how to conquer your fear, and how to be the powerful woman that God ordained for you to be.  $12

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“Won’t He Do It?”  T- Shirt.  The answer is “YES, He      Already Did”


Write the vision and make it plain, so he that reads it may run, according to Habakkuk 2:2. These cards come in a pack of 5 with full step-by-step instructions of how to receive and manifest what God has already done in your life!  $12

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Let the Devil know that his plans will not prevail in your life. Tell him to “Get That Outta Here!”  These hoodies are nice & warm.  They come in white, black, soft pink, & tie dye pink.  $20


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